Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex 50ml

Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex 50mlIn the last few years people, especially women, are more worried about their appearance than ever before and more and more people have found themselves looking for methods to lighten or reduce the impact of imperfections on their skin. With this has come a plethora of creams and lotions and the market place is now full of all sorts of products that claim to be skin lightening cream. However, one company that has stood out amongst all of it’s competitors is Civant Skin Care. It is one of their products I would like to talk with you about today, that product is Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex 50ml.

What is Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex?

Meladerm the package you need for skin lighteningLabelled a ‘safe skin car product’ Meladerm pigment reducing complex 50ml has been on the market for some years now and has achieved the recognition as one of the best selling skin lightening creams to date. This is mainly down to it’s effectiveness and it’s all natural ingredients. You may find some of these ingredients in other products but you will struggle to find them in such a high quality and concentration as you will in meladerm pigment reducing complex 50ml. So let us have a look at some of the more important natural ingredients you will find in Meladerm.

Alpha Arbutin
One of the more expensive components of meladerm pigment reducing complex 50ml Alpha Arbutin is by far one of the most effective skin lightening ingredients you can find today. Manufactured in powder form this biosynthetic active ingredient is water-soluble. Research has shown that it is effective on all types of skin and it contains a strong inhibitory action making it a vital ingredient of this pigment reducing complex.

Research has shown that used regularly as a topical application it has a significant effect on lightening the skin. As well as this it is also proven in reducing the size and colour of age spots.
Gigawhite is a plant-derived it is a preservative-free skin lightening ingredient that is composed of seven organically grown Swiss alpine plants –Primula Veris Extract, Malva Sylvestris Extract, Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract, Mentha Piperita Leaf Extract, Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract, Veronica Officinalis Extract, and Achillea Millefolium Extract. It is the natural alternative to the now banned substance known as hydroquinone, which was used for years as a main ingredient of skin lightening creams.

Glycolic Acid
Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid which promotes exfoliation. It also helps to naturally brighten the skin tone. It does this by encouraging cell turnover, it also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as helping to even out skin discolourations.

Kojic Acid
Now regularly found in skin lightening creams as a natural alternative to hydroquinone it has been used as a common ingredient in Asian diets, however it has been recently found to be an effective treatment for age spots and pigmentation problems. Kojic acid is derived from a fungus and research has shown that it is effective at lightening skin tones an also helps stop the production of melanin.

Licorice Extract
Licorice extract is derived from the plant Glabridin and is a multi-purpose ingredient of products such as meladerm pigment reducing complex. Glabriden prevents tyrosinase activation by inhibiting pigmentation.

Tego Cosmo C
Used in skin lightening creams to improve the clarity of the skin and provide an even skin tone.
This trademarked ingredient is a natural amino acid derivative that has shown to inhibit tyrosinase activity in melanocytes.

Along with several other ingredients these are the main ones that make up the formula for Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex 50ml.

Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex 50ml Results

If meladerm pigment reducing complex 50ml does not work for you you can always return it. Meladerm results are guaranteed by the manufacture. If you do not see visible improvements in less than a month you can use their 30 day money back guarantee.

The natural ingredients that are used in Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex are very skin friendly and can help you you achieve healthy skin and an even skin tone.

Meladerm Side Effects – The Truth Behind Them

It is a general tendency with almost all marketers of Skin Lightening Creams to claim that their products have no side effects and are absolutely safe to use. However, if the product does have side effects and the customers learn it the hard way after getting affected by the side effects on their skin, then the product can lose its credibility within a very short time. It may have legal cases filed against it. The market is full of such stories which have led to the closure of popular brands due to misinformation to the customers. When the customer wishes to know about the Meladerm Side Effects, the company out rightly does not deny any side effects. However, even though the side effects are extremely rare and negligible as compared to all other creams, Meladerm does not believe in misleading its trusted customers.

Meladerm Side Effects

meladerm skin lightening cream worksMeladerm Cream for Skin Lightening is one of the most trusted names in its category of products. It has proven itself as the most effective cream consisting of various natural ingredients which have been proven to be safe for use. However, some of the ingredients are being questioned for their side effects but the minuscule amount of these ingredients in the cream prevents it from being a potential danger for the skin. Some very minor and mild side effects are possible only to a certain type of skin which include mild irritation on the skin, increased risk due to sunlight and sometimes minor cracking of the skin.

Why the Meladerm Side Effects Should not be a Worry

It is only normal that the user would not want to use a product which has any side effects. However, when compared with the side effects that most other creams are known to have, the side effects of Meladerm if at all they occur, would be extremely negligible. For instance, some skin care products are proven to have steroid or mercury content in them. Both these ingredients are linked to liver damage, skin cancer, thyroid problems and lots of other severe medical conditions.

Different skin types react differently to various skin products. There are some skin types which are naturally sensitive to any type of treatment due to certain internal deficiencies. These types of skins can react poorly to a skin lightening cream. Furthermore, side effects due to Meladerm if any are easy to spot and immediate preventive action like stoppage of the use of cream for a few days will reverse the side effect permanently.

Preventive Care While Using Meladerm Creams

One of the most common preventive care for the user would be to get his skin type analysed by an expert before the use of any cream, it will ensure that he gets to buy and use creams as per his skin type. This will not only reduce or completely prevent side effects but also ensure optimum effect of the cream for the user’s skin.

The Meladerm cream is not recommended for use by women who are pregnant or nursing since the safety and efficiency for these types of users has not been established.

Skin is always more sensitive when exposed to the sun. a slight reddening of the skin should not be taken as a side effect since it is normal while the skin is reacting to the treatment of the cream while exposed to the sun.

Enjoy the Benefits of Meladerm Without Any Worries

Thousands of users are using Meladerm cream for more than a decade without any complaints. New users should visit the relevant sites to see the testimonials by actual users. For users who have any apprehensions on the side effects can consider using the cream on a small part of the skin on the arm for a week to get the confidence to use the product regularly. Finally, while weighing the advantages and disadvantages, of Meladerm side effects are hardly a factor for consideration.

Meladerm side effects are no problem for you order your meladerm skin lightening cream today and rediscover your beautiful skin.

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Does Meladerm Work? Truth Behind The Treatment

Does meladerm work is a question that has been making the rounds especially from people suffering from skin conditions. People suffering from acne, uneven skin tone or general skin blemishes know how frustrating it is to face people due to low self esteem and unwelcome glances. Other than just creating bad and unappealing texture, acne spots and other skin blemish lower a person’s confidence hence negatively affecting social interaction. Gone are the days where a person had to mask the skin condition with tons of make up or expensive creams and lotions that failed to give the desired results. As an answer to “does Meladerm work”, it is worth noting the following aspects about the skin lightening cream:

Reputable Company

Meladerm cream is a lightener for the skin that is made by Civant Skin Care. To come up with the final product took many years of research and development that begun in the year 1999.The company’s aim during the development of the product was to come up with a skin lightening product that was time efficient, cost effective and safe to the skin as well as to the environment. After four years or tests and research, Meladerm cream was developed and ever since the cream has been among the most highly sought after skin lighteners in the market due to its impressive results.

All natural and Safe

Meladerm cream is made from natural ingredients such as bearberry, licorise and mulberry extracts. This is in contrast with most skin lightening creams available in the market that will contain harmful ingredients which include mercury, powerful bleaches, parabens, hydroquinone and harmful steroids among other synthetic products. The product is thus safe for human use as well as being eco-friendly. Meladerm will not cause meladerm side effects such as reddening of the skin, nausea, skin blemishes, irritation and nausea that is common in other creams used in lightening the skin.

Does Meladerm Work: Clinically Proven and Positive Reviews

Apart from being clinically proven by various medical authorities, the skin lightening product has been and still continues to receive positive and encouraging reviews from satisfied customers, health organisations and industry pundits. The reviews will tell of quick results, affordable cost, smooth and glowing skin, and also ability to even treat Melasma with is a chronic condition. Other conditions treated by Meladerm include sun damage, acne scars, liver or sun spots, birthmarks, freckles, Chloasma as well as old scars .

Timely Results and Cost Effective

Another aspect that will have many people questioning does Meladerm work is always the time line. Most people always complain that the skin lightening creams take too long to show results if any, the waiting time is not only inconveniencing, but also ends up costing the consumer more in terms of time and money. However, this is not the case with Meladerm, the positive results will be experienced within 2 weeks with the full results seen after 2 to 3 months depending on impact and physiology.

Treating uneven pigmentation or dark spots is no longer an issue, applying Meladerm 2 times , i.e. at night and in the morning will undoubtedly bring back the glow. The above pointers are simple proof for people asking does Meladerm work, so go over to the official website now and start to rebuild your confidence with beautiful looking skin.

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Meladerm Cream the Game Changer

meladerm skin lightening cream worksWhile skin Care companies all over the world were clamouring to bring out one brand after the other to attract customers looking for a skin lightening solution, there was hardly any research which went into these products and as a result, many of these products have a large number of harmful ingredients causing serious side effects. In comparison, Meladerm Cream was a result of four years of extensive research by a team of specialists before the product was launched into the market.

As a result, an extremely superior product with maximum natural ingredients and with no known side effects was launched. Within a few years of its launch, it became the preferred choice of users all over the world.

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What makes Meladerm Cream Different?

Through a series of cutting edge technologies, the Meladerm Cream has left its competitors far behind in user satisfaction. In the last ten years that the product has been in the market, the technical team has been continuously improving on the product with the best available natural ingredients.

This has ensured that the product composition remains updated at all times and the users get the best available treatment through Meladerm Cream. Another aspect which sets it apart from the competitors is the fact that not only does it provide treatment for common dark spots but also acne marks and scars, birthmarks, sun damage, general uneven skin tones and sun and liver spots.

The Meladerm Treatment on your Skin

The Meladerm cream aims at evening out the skin from multiple angles in order to ensure the best results possible. It targets melonosomes, which synthesize melanin which is the pigment responsible for colour of the skin. The cream also targets an important enzyme called tyrosinase.

This enzyme plays a very important role to achieve even pigmentation. The years spent in developing the product ensured that the most beneficial and safest ingredients were included in the final product.

The cream works equally well for both men and women as well as for all types of skin and ethnicities. It also works for all types of discolouration of skin including freckles, age spots, acne scars and other similar skin ailments.

The Time for Meladerm Cream to take Effect

In most of the cases, the effects of Meladerm are visible within a couple of weeks. However, it is essential to ensure regular application of the cream for best results.

Depending on the type of skin of the user, the skin spots will disappear within two to three months and once the cream has been applied for the duration as prescribed by the dermatologist, the effects will remain permanent. It is therefore advisable for the users to have the requisite time and patience for the treatment to take effect properly.

Meladerm Cream the right Choice for You

Meladerm Cream is very reasonably priced and the benefits it provides are worth every penny paid for it. It has no bad smell and hence it will not have any kind of discomfort for the user. The manufacturers provide a 30 day money back guarantee which means that if the user is not happy with the results, he/she can return the empty bottle and get his/her money back.

It is due to all these reasons that more and more people are now swearing by Meladerm Cream and coming forward with genuine feedbacks in various websites and forums. It is thus the time for the discerning users to make the right choice for themselves and their skin and become one of the many satisfied users of Meladerm Cream.

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Meladerm Before and After

Many people looking into skin lightening cream will no doubt find themselves searching for meladerm before and after pictures and testimonials to help them make up their mind before purchasing. Below you will find a selection of testimonials and before and after pictures to help you make up your mind.

Meladerm before and after review number 1

Kathy H. Finally found a products that delivers

Kathy before and after picturesafter using meladermOver the years I have tried many different products and must have literally spent hundreds on undelivered promises. I started using Meladerm from around mid August of this year -it has only been around 6 weeks but I am impressed enough with the results to let others know about it. I am part Asian and was lucky to have inherited my mother’s beautiful skin which I rather stupidly took for granted. I didn’t invest in sunscreen or a hat and before I knew it I had have very prominent sunspots on my forehead and cheekbones, around my eyes and across my top lip making me look as though I had a moustache! I use the spots on my cheek bones as a gauge and even though the spots are still present they have definitely faded. Myn’moustache’is all but gone. I’ve come to accept that there is still a bit more work needed especially on my forehead. I have invested in some mineral make up which allows me to build up coverage effectively and my overall facial appearance is brighter and lighter. My advice to anyone reading this would be to take the jumnp and get Meladerm. It is worth the money and livaes up to the hype. Help it along by wearing sunscreen and be patient! I have found my regime now – it’s shame it’s taken me to get to my forties to do so :) Good luck everyone and thank you Meladerm !”

Meladerm before and after review number 2


meladerm before and after pictures of Beverly“In 2010 I got into a car accident and due to medications, stress, depression and poor eating habits my face broke out in acne. At that point I didn’t care because my main focus was to be able to walk again and just wasted a lot of money on makeup to cover up my face. After wasting over $500 on makeup products I finally decided it was time to find a solution to my problem and almost two years later I finally did my research and came upon Meladerm. It was considered to be the best and I was desperate so I decided to try it and bought it. The first week of trying it I already saw a difference and got the results I got after two months. I followed the instructions and waited ten minutes to apply makeup on and also used it twice a day. Unfortunately I couldn’t get better results because I still do get acne and it does make fresh scars. I recently ran out of meladerm but it did last me about two months and I’m very pleased with the results also it toned my skin and helped with the dark circles around my eyes. I highly recommend it to everyone!!”

Meladerm before and after review number 3

Savina Birth control related melasma

meladerm before and after pictures of Savina“Up until last year I was on birth control which caused the area above my lip to turn dark like a mustache. Until I found your product, I was using makeup to cover it. I used Meladerm for 2 months and the dark areas are so much lighter. I can actually look at myself in the mirror without makeup. Even though it was such a small part of my face, it made a world of difference in my appearance. I’ve also recommended your product to my mother who has some dark patches on her face from pregnancy.”

Meladerm before and after review number 4

Author: J. Lee Great Product

Jlee before and after pictures for meladerm“I’ve had dark brown spots on my forehead leftover from when I got breakouts. I’ve been using Meladerm on that area for about 2 months and have seen almost a complete fading of the spots. Great product and I have recommended to everyone thats had to same problem as me”.



I hope that these meladerm before and after pictures and testimonials have helped you decide if Meladerm skin lightening cream is the one for you.

Meladerm Infographic


A detailed info graphic review of meladerm skin lightening cream.

Meladerm skin lightening creamTo order you supply of meladerm skin lightening cream visit the official website at meladerm

Meladerm Reviews

There are large varieties and brands of treatments available in the market for Hyperpigmentation. However, there are studies to prove that certain cosmetic treatments used for skin related issues could be the cause of Hyperpigmentation. Also, darker skinned people could be more susceptible to the condition of hyperpigmentation. This would be more pronounced if they get exposed to sunlight or skin injuries. Meladerm Reviews online bring out the negative effects of some common cosmetic treatments.

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What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a disorder of the skin that results in darkening of the skin due to the enhanced levels of melanin in the skin. The reasons for this could be due to injuries to the skin, damage caused by the sun, acne problems and other skin conditions. Melanin is an important part of pigment which is responsible for producing the colour in various parts of the body like hair, skin and eyes.

With age, the melanin production goes down and due to this; its development also becomes less pronounced. The only way to reverse the effects caused by the reduced production of Melanin is by stimulating its production through an outside source such as meladerm cream.

Cosmetic Treatments leading to Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation could be related to usage of certain cosmetic treatments being commonly used by customers all over the world. Skin lotions that claim to lighten the skin have been found to be one of the causes for the condition. Some skin whitening lotions are known to cause Mercury Poisoning which is another cause for Hyperpigmentation.

In certain cases, it was found that the Laser Treatments used to remove unwanted hair have resulted in conditions of Hyperpigmentation. Basically the main reasons have been certain chemicals which go into the making of these cosmetic treatment creams and lotions that have caused Hyperpigmentation in a large number of cases.

How is Meladerm Cream Different from Others?

Treatment of Hyperpigmentation requires a thorough analysis on the affected part of the skin. The treatment has to be decided after the assessment of various factors and the possibility of presence of any other condition within the skin that may be present.

It would also have to be kept in mind that there are no side effects of the treatment being given to the patient. One of the common treatments for the condition includes Laser Peel. However, given the complexity of the treatment, if not performed by an experienced doctor, these treatments can lead to scarring and pigment irregularities.

However, the answer to these problems lies in Meladerm Cream. This is made with completely natural ingredients which are safe with no side effects and have produced excellent results for people suffering from hyperpigmentation. There are a large number of genuine Meladerm Reviews from users available online to prove this point.

Read Meladerm reviews from customers

Here is a small selection of meladerm reviews that appear in the official website, you can read more here

Quick remedy for black patches

6 / 10 / 13 Author: Karthik
I am a male brown guy (Indian). I had black patches around my nose and cheeks. I am using meladerm for the past 2 weeks and seen a noticeable improvement. I will continue using meladerm and post how it worked for me.

Meladerm, the MIRACLE Cream!!

2 / 21 / 13 Author: Ida
I have had lasers done to my face, hsd used expensive creams to remove the hyperpigmentaion on my face, but none of them seem to work. But after using Meladerm Cream (together with the exfoliating serum) for just 3 weeks, my skin tone gets lighter, and the pigmentation on my face is almost gone!! I am now ordering my second set of meladerm cream and exfoliating serum.

3 / 7 / 13 Author: grace
I bought Meladerm because the testimonials sounded so convincing and so they should be. It works,and works a lot faster than any other product I have previously used. I will keep using it.

Why Meladerm Cream?

First and foremost, Meladerm cream works on all skin colours whether it is white, Black, Asian or Indian. The effects of the cream are visible within two weeks of application. The natural ingredients of Meladerm cream ensure that your skin looks its best without any side effects.

Meladerm Cream is specially designed to fade out the discolouration caused by hyperpigmentation and to make sure your skin colour is even in its tone and eventually to make the user feel more confident.

What sets the Meladerm Cream apart from its competitors is the fact that Meladerm is not composed of hydroquinone which is a common ingredient in other creams used for the same purpose. Hydroquinone is an extremely dangerous compound with several side effects on the skin.

Meladerm Cream includes natural and plant-based special ingredients that have proved to be safe and effective over a period of time. It comes in a special container which prevents the entry of oxygen into the content and oxidizing the ingredients.

As per the Meladerm reviews, users have suggested that the best deal is when you buy the product online since you will not only save money while buying supplies for more than a month, but you will also get a money back guarantee of 30 days.

Meladerm Reviews – Conclusion

Though there are a lot of Meladerm reviews available online which go on to prove that the product works. The customer, however, needs to decide whether to go for a product with the harmful hydroquinone or a natural product like Meladerm with no side effects. Whether you are trying to fade scars from injuries , accidents, acne , surgeries or liver spots, age spots and sun spots, Meladerm is the right answer for you.

Meladerm Walmart

Meladerm reviewsMany people are under the illusion that the best place to get treatment for skin lightening is by visiting their doctor. The truth is one of the best places to find all natural products such as Meladerm skin lightening cream to treat dark spots on the skin is to go online. Lots of folk think that they can just go and buy Meladerm at Walmart, they believe that as it is a huge store that sells everything they are bound to stock Meladerm Walmart does not always stock everything, and if you buy Meladerm anywhere other than at the official website, HERE, you will not be covered by the manufacturers 30 day refund policy.

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Placing an order for Meladerm skin lightening cream is very easy to do, simply go to the official website and enter all of your details using the secure order page. Your order will be despatched immediately so you should receive your product with 5 days for internal US customers and 7-14 days for international delivery. Just repeat the process if you require a repeat order, however you must remember to place your order in time so you do not run out of product. All purchases processed by Civant Skin Care are one time transactions, there are no hidden charges and no recurring billing. Your credit card information is not kept on file.

Once you Meladerm skin lightening cream has been delivered simply follow the instructions that are included in the package: wash and dry your skin thoroughly then apply an even layer of cream on the affected area twice a day. Making sure to massage the cream thoroughly until it is completely absorbed into your skin. It is strongly recommended to use an additional wide spectrum sunblock of SPF 30 or higher.

You do not need a doctor’s prescription to purchase Meladerm skin lightening cream. Simply order the product from the comfort of your own home. You can rest assured that your privacy will be respected and all your details will be secure. Head over to the official website HERE, place your order and it will be despatched immediately.

Initial improvements are often seen within the first two weeks with completed results being seen after a 2-3 month period. Individual results may vary as they are dependant upon a large number of factors including: skin type, condition, exposure to the sun and the depth of pigmentation.

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There is one last thing you need to consider if you are looking for Meladerm Walmart will not have it on their shelves and the best place you can buy it is from the official website HERE. Buying Meladerm skin lightening cream at anywhere other than the official website may result in you receiving and inferior product as there are a lot of fake products around at the moment. Buying from the official website is the only way to get a money back guarantee.